Hi, my name is:


Lea, Nathanael, and I are looking forward to meeting each of you in person.  We are grateful for the hospitality and kindness we’ve already been shown, and look forward to moving in and beginning in life and ministry together.

I hope this blog series will be a good way for you to get to know me and my family during this transition time.  I plan to have a new post each Monday.  You’re welcome to check back here, or we’ll find a way to get word to you that a new post is up.

If you scroll back through previous blog posts you’ll find some older posts about my adventures in jiu-jitsu class, meditations on Psalm 22, and more.

If you’re looking for me on social media, here’s where you can find me:

Facebook: “Wil Posey” …there aren’t many of us out there with one “l” 🙂

Instagram: @wilposey

Twitter: @wilposey


3 thoughts on “Hi, my name is:

  1. Pastor Wil…looking forward to meeting you and your family. Question: Will we worship together with a sense of humor, as appropriate, or need I wear my “all business” face?
    Dick Taylor

    • Hi, Dick! I don’t think you can get too far in faith or life without humor, so yes! And we have a 14 month old son; our lives are rich in humor and joy. The Bible touches every aspect of life, and I hope we can bring or whole, authentic selves to worship.

      • Good morning Pastor Wil….thank you for assuring me we will have opportunities to laugh together,
        Another issue/comment: I often find it difficult to absorb scripture without examples relating to real life situations. I hope you will help me “‘get it” by providing a nexus between Bible Truths and events we experience or may encounter as we go about living our lives in the context of this world, this country and this town..

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