Coming up Sunday

Hi, First Murphy!

One of the things I love about preaching is that is forces me to pray over, live in, and wrestle with a passage of scripture for a while before standing up on Sunday morning and talking about what God might have to say to us through that passage.  This Sunday I’m preaching from Matthew 28:16-20.  I hope you might spend some time with that story before worship this Sunday, and we can wonder together about what God might have to say to us.


During worship and in the bulletin, we’ll talk about some upcoming opportunities for you to sign up for a Home Gathering, where I can get to know you, hear some of your story, and talk about where you see God leading us to do even more for God’s kingdom.  Whether you’ve been here 2 weeks or 20 years, I hope you’ll sign up for one of these Gatherings.

If you can’t be here in person, and want to watch online, you can do so on our church Youtube channel.

See you Sunday!


Pastor Wil


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