See You In Worship

Hi, First Murphy!

I haven’t had a new post here in a few weeks, but wanted to share this quick message with you before worship tomorrow morning:

If you are unable to be with us in worship in person, I hope you’ll join us for worship via our live stream by clicking here.

Also, I hear there’s lunch after worship!

See you tomorrow.

Pastor Wil


2 thoughts on “See You In Worship

  1. Hi Pastor Wil,
    Welcome 😁 I’m sure your first sermon went well! Sorry we could not be there today. We are fellow Floridians! We live in Key Largo and have a getaway place in Murphy. We get up there 4-5 times a year and we very much look forward to meeting you and your family. In fact we will be here this coming Sunday with another couple from the Keys. We are all members of Burton Memorial United Methodist Church located in Tavernier Florida on the island of Key Largo.

    My daughter lives in Tallahassee. I used to live in Tallahassee and recognize the name Posey. Any relation to that cool restaurant on the St Marks River down at St Marks?

    We’ll see you on our visit to Murphy next week.

    My God bless and keep you
    Sheila and Milan Novak

    • Hi, Shiela and Milan! Thank you for this post, and for keeping up with FUMC Murphy even while you’re in FL. I look forward to meeting you this coming Sunday, along with the other others who are coming with you. And you have family in Tallahassee–small world! My parents live there now. I’m not aware of a connection with the restaurant on St. Marks River. Looking forward to meeting you!

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