Bullet-Point Blog Post

At the moment we are up to our eye-balls in moving boxes, so I’ll skip the narration and fluff and get right to the point with a handful of bullet-points about the next week or so:

  • We are currently in the throws of packing…lots of boxes, bubble wrap, and paper!
  • We’re moving in to Murphy on Saturday 6/30.  If you want to help unload, we’d love the help!  We’ll get in around 1…we think.
  • The week of July 1, we’ll be settling into the house, and I’ll be settling into the office.
  • July 9 is my first official day in the office.
  • July 15 is my first day preaching and in worship.
  • Did I mention we are swimming in a sea of boxes?
  • We are excited to meet you and get rolling in life and ministry in Murphy!
  • This is a full and busy time–you are in my prayers, and we ask for yours as well.

Ok, that’s the end of the bullet-point blog post.  We look forward to meeting you, and can’t wait to jump in at Murphy FUMC.

See you Saturday!



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